2017 Chicago Lives Healthy Wellness Program

If you received a letter indicating you are required TO COMPLETE A BIOMETRIC SCREENING for the 2017 Chicago Lives Healthy wellness program, please follow the instructions below.

What is a Biometric Screening?

A biometric screening includes tests to measure your cholesterol, triglyceride and glucose levels. During your biometric screening appointment, a health care professional will also determine your blood pressure, height, weight and waist measurements.

What options do I have for completing my Biometric Screening?

You can complete your biometric screening in one of two ways:


Schedule an appointment and attend an onsite screening at a community or work location such as City Hall or select Chicago Public Libraries OR


Schedule and attend an appointment with your doctor.

Onsite Biometric Screening Instructions

Beginning on 12/16/2016, you can schedule an onsite biometric screening at a limited number of locations. Click here for a list of the onsite locations.


You must schedule an onsite screening appointment; walk-ins cannot be screened.


Please arrive at least 15 minutes in advance of your scheduled appointment time to complete necessary sign-in activities.


The screening will typically take about 15 minutes.

Appointments are available from January 23, 2017 through February 11, 2017. If you attend one of these onsite screenings, your results will be automatically sent to Healthways, the Chicago Lives Healthy wellness program vendor.

Doctor's Office Biometric Screening Instructions


Call your doctor to schedule an appointment.


Download the Personalized Physician Form. Bring your Personalized Physician Form with you to your doctor's office.


Let your doctor know the Form must be completed and faxed to 615-349-2344 by February 11, 2017.

Here is some additional Information about Biometric Screenings completed in your doctor's office:

Healthways will accept biometric screening results if the test results are no more than six months old (no results collected prior to 7/1/2016 will be accepted).

Biometric screenings done at your doctor’s office are subject to your current medical plan benefits. HMO members must see their Primary Care Physician (PCP) and PPO members must use an in-network provider.

Your biometric screening results must be submitted on your Personalized Physician Form or Healthways cannot accept your results.

What if I don't complete a Biometric Screening?

If you do not complete your biometric screening with results submitted by February 11, 2017, the City of Chicago employee will incur a $50 per non-participant increase in his/her monthly health care contribution.


Questions? Contact Healthways at 1-866-556-7671. You can also visit www.chicagoliveshealthy.com.